This innovative software, from scenery expert Ruud Faber, transforms the default scenery textures of Flight Simulator 2004/2002 to something with far greater realism. Do you fly over the Rockies and think they could look a little... rockier? Have you noticed that the scenery around Acapulco is a bit flat for such a big conurbation? Are your seasons looking similar? It's time to apply the FScene effect! Mountains, forests, jungles and deserts take on a new 3-dimensional feel; the countryside is subtly transformed and urban areas look more... urbane. FScene includes spring, summer, autumn and winter textures to give your flying a makeover that lasts all year!

All continents are improved across the four seasons as the generic ground textures are replaced with more realistic ones

Frame rate-friendly textures won't slow your flying down!

"The effect on urban areas is simply spectacular."

"A subtle and visually satisfying improvement..." PC Pilot classic 5/5

Armchair Award winner -

Any questions?

Q. What does FScene actually do?
Flight Simulator uses a large number of textures to define the ground you see when flying. These textures are applied based on the type of ground it is. Farm, rock, desert, fields, villages, towns, cities, forest, woods and so on. They are also varied depending on the part of the world you are in So, for instance, forests in England will look different from forests in Australia. Finally they are varied according to the season of the year. FScene provides enhanced replacement for a large proportion of these default textures. Each volume replaces the default textures for a particular area of the world. The FScene versions are designed to give a much more 3-Dimensional visual effect and also created using shades that are much more realistic for their location in the world.

Q. Does FScene work in all seasons?
Yes. FScene provides matched replacements for all the seasonal versions of the textures it supplies. The seasonal versions of the textures are carefully designed to give a more realistic variation than that provided by the default.

Q. Will FScene work with addon mesh terrain scenery such as FSTerrain and FSGlobal SE?
Yes. FScene replaces the ground textures in Flight Simulator and just as the default textures will flow to match the ups and downs of the terrain so will FScene.

Q. Will FScene work with custom airport sceneries such as British Airports or World Airports.
Yes. FScene will only affect the ground outside the perimeter of airports. All the default airports and any custom ones you have installed will appear exactly as intended. Only the ground outside the airport will be changed and the increased realism of the FScene textures should make your airports look even better from a distance.

Q. Will FScene work with photographic terrain scenery such as the VFR Photographic scenery packages available for England and some other parts of Europe?
No. The way Flight Simulator handles Photographic scenery is different from the way it handles the normal ground terrain. With Photographic terrain Flight Simulator prevents the display of the normal ground textures and replaces them with individual photographic tiles. The same is true of the default Flight Simulator ground textures - they are turned off in areas where Photographic scenery is in use. You can still install and use FScene even if you have photographic scenery for some areas. Outside the photographic areas the FScene textures will appear. Inside the photographic areas the new ground textures will not be visible.

Q. Does FScene affect the Flight Simulator Autogen trees and buildings?
No. FScene is carefully designed to work with the default autogen in Flight Simulator. It also has the added advantage that its enhanced 3D appearance can give the ground a much more 3 Dimensional appearance even from heights where the autogen is no longer visible.

Q. Will FScene slow down the performance of Flight Simulator?
No. Definitely not. The replacement textures are of exactly the same size and format as the default ground textures. You will see exactly the same level of performance after installing FScene.

Q. Will FScene make any permanent changes to my Flight Simulator that cannot be undone?
No. If you uninstall FScene Flight Simulator will be restored back to the previous state with all the default ground textures reactivated.