EXCERPT of original review by Andrew Herd (flightsim.com)


In addition to some new mesh, I decided to spiff up Microsoft's dull Himalayan landscape with some of Ruud Faber's FScene ground textures because the major risk flight simmers face from the default landscape is being bored to death by it, Microsoft's Asian textures lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. We have reviewed the FScene textures many times in the past, so they need no introduction, but if by any chance you haven't heard of them, check 'em out. Ruud Faber, the talented artist behind FScene, has provided replacements for every single one of Flight Simulator's default ground textures, for every part of the world, in every season. Quite apart from the fact that this must have been a mammoth undertaking, the results are nothing short of spectacular and a complete antidote to the boredom that tends to set in when you load another flight only to discover that you are flying across the same old landscape. The FScene textures are justifiably popular and the only problem I have come across with them is that addon sceneries that incorporate ground textures are normally color coordinated with the default Microsoft textures, which means that third party airfields can end up standing out like due to the mismatch.

I haven't had an opportunity to see the Asian textures before, but they are as good as anything Ruud has ever done - better, because he has taken the opportunity to enhance the landscape with little groups of paddy fields that look almost magically real from the air - you can see them upper left in the large format screenshot below. Ruud already has an Armchair Aviator for his efforts, so here is confirmation that I still think his work is among the best out there.

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